The Poet’s Soul

It exposes layers, the unknown deep
Behind stain-glassed windows and the secrets that we keep

It’s asks no audience but yet is somehow seen
It shows itself in colors and all the beautiful things

It shows the world parts that had remained unseen
A glimpse of God’s glory, a hint of a dream

You know when you’ve met, because you know when it’s gone
Your life a bit brighter, your heart a bit torn

It provides a window, a smooth reflective glass
Pulls back the curtain, takes down the mask

Kinder, softer, more honest and true
A poet’s soul cuts through the surface so that heaven shines through


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Believer in grace, for myself and for others. Christian, wife, momma to three, friend, colleague, runner, music lover, style enthusiast, lover of life. Oh yes, and writer. Excited in all things...lover of this life that is a great adventure.

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