It’s in the Breaking

The day is beautiful but does not capture my breath

The night is bold, but is my solemn place of rest

It is that space in between when night breaks to day

It is the change from dark to light that takes my breath away

Such is the way with this life that runs from day to night

I don’t appreciate my battle during the dark enduring fight

and I don’t feel my joys at the top of the highest crest

It’s in breaking from dark to light when God gives my soul rest

The time in between when I trust in him and let him carry me

He awakens my spirit, washes my soul, and in his hands I’m finally free

Sunday morning inspiration

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Believer in grace, for myself and for others. Christian, wife, momma to three, friend, colleague, runner, music lover, style enthusiast, lover of life. Oh yes, and writer. Excited in all things...lover of this life that is a great adventure.

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